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Nevada-Structural Engineering Package: 30 PDH

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Students Completed: 5

Six Structural Engineering courses plus Nevada Statutes, Codes, & Ethics course that will earn 30 PDH guaranteed to be accepted by the Nevada Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Instructor: Raymond Bosek, PE

Nevada – Statutes, Codes, & Ethics for Professional Engineers: 3 PDH

In this course the student will study the Nevada State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Statutes and Codes, including Professional Engineering Ethics.

Design and Construction of Road Tunnels-Part 1 Planning: 5 PDH

In this course the student will come to understand a general overview of the planning process of a road tunnel project, geometrical requirements and recommendations of new road tunnels, investigative techniques and parameters required for planning, construction and design of road tunnels, and the different types of reports required for a road tunnel project.

Design and Construction of Road Tunnels-Part 2 Methodology and Excavation Support: 5 PDH

In this course the student will understand the construction methodology and excavation support systems for cut-and-cover road tunnels, design and construction issues for rock and soft ground tunneling, and the special approaches that must be made when passing through difficult ground.

Design and Construction of Road Tunnels-Part 3 Design and Detailing: 5 PDH

In this course the student will understand the concepts of the sequential excavation method as well as the design, purpose and construction of tunnel linings, immersed tunnels, and jacked box tunnels.

Design and Construction of Road Tunnels-Part 4 Obstacles and Mitigations: 5 PDH

In this course the student will understand the reasons and methods to consider regarding seismic activity in the design process. The concepts of mined/bored tunnel construction engineering. Also, how to monitor the performance of the tunnel construction process, and how to identify, characterize and repair tunnels.

Home Builders Guide to Earthquake Resistant Building Design: 5 PDH

In this course, the student will review Chapters 1-4 from “Homebuilders Guide to Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction”, FEMA 232 – June 2006 prepared by the Building Seismic Safety Council for the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the Department of Homeland Security. The student must take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of twenty (20) questions at the end of this course to earn PDH credits.

Cost Benefit of ICF: 2 PDH

This online course is based on a guide that provides cost comparisons of ICF construction to standard residential wood-frame construction, a comprehensive cost analysis of the monthly costs of home ownership for wood-frame and ICF homes, and a detailed discussion regarding many of the structural and energy performance benefits gained through the use of ICFs.

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