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Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) Requirements

Continuing Education or PDH is known as CPC in Delaware
Delaware Professional Engineers are required to earn 24 PDH biennially. All of the required hours can be earned through online continuing education courses. The following table shows a quick rundown of license renewal requirements.

Hours Required24 hours biennially

  1. A minimum of 2 PDH up to a maximum of 6 PDH must be related to professional ethics
  2. A maximum of 9 PDH can be related to project management or business skills
  3. The remaining hours must be technical courses related to the licensee’s practice
  4. For dual licensed engineers/surveyors, up to 12 PDH may be related to the technical practice of land surveying
Renewal DatesJune 30 of even-numbered years
Course ApprovalThe Council does not pre-approve providers or specific courses. Each engineer must determine whether an activity meets the Council’s requirements
Course ContentAny course, seminar or activity with a clear purpose and objective that will maintain, improve or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the professional practice of engineering. Regular job duties are not considered qualified activities
Online CoursesDistance learning courses are specifically listed as approved activities. There is no limit on the number of hours that can be earned through distance learning
PDH CarryoverNo Carryover Hours Allowed
  1. PDH completion records must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years. EZpdh helps you meet this requirement by providing you with the ability to instantly access and print a certificate upon successful completion of a course. Additionally, your certificates of completion are securely maintained by EZpdh for a minimum of seven years and can be accessed online at any time through your login account
  2. Engineers listed as “Retired” or “Inactive” are exempt. However, if the engineer returns to active practice, they will be required to earn the exempted credits (up to a maximum of 48 PDH)
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