Maryland State Requirements


Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) Requirements

Continuing Education or PDH is known as CPC in Maryland

Maryland Professional Engineers are required to earn 24 PDH biennially. All of the required hours can be earned through online continuing education courses. The following table shows a quick rundown of license renewal requirements.

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Subject Requirement
Hours Required 24 hours biennially
Renewal Dates Licenses renew on the last day of the month two years from the date of issue
Course Approval Maryland requires that courses be taken from a pre-approved sponsor
EZpdh is an Approved Continued Professional Competency (CPC) Course Provider
Course Content Course content is divided into categories A and B. Engineers must earn a minimum of 18 PDH with Category A courses. The remaining 6 PDH may be earned with Category B courses. Each renewal period, a minimum of 1 PDH must be in content areas related to the standards of practice or care, laws and regulations applicable to Maryland engineers, or professional engineering ethics.

Subject matter for Category A courses includes (a) technical, research, analytical, or design aspects of engineering; (b) laws and regulations applicable to the practice of engineering in Maryland; (c) engineering-related computer hardware and software topics; (d) standards of practice or care; (e) professional engineering ethics; (f) project management, risk assessment and management, or emergency and disaster management; or (g) similar topics aimed to maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice.
Subject matter for Category B courses includes (a) business or government administration; or (b) development of traits, skills, or behavioral patterns geared towards improved communications skills, oral and written skills, personal management skills, or other similar programs which contain a clear purpose of improving a licensee’s methods of practice or operations or advancing professionally related skills and practices as applicable to the practice of engineerings
Online Courses Online continuing education from approved providers is specifically accepted under Maryland’s rules. There is no limit on the number of hours that can be earned using online courses
PDH Carryover A maximum of 12 PDH may be carried forward into the next renewal period
  1. A dual-licensed engineer/surveyor shall comply with the CPC requirements set forth in COMAR 09.13.08 applicable to licensed professional land or property line surveyors, except that a minimum of one-third of the units earned shall be gained from the qualifying programs on engineering-related topics
  2. PDH completion records must be maintained for a minimum of 4 years. EZpdh helps you meet this requirement by providing you with the ability to instantly access and print a certificate upon successful completion of a course. Additionally, your certificates of completion are securely maintained by EZpdh for a minimum of seven years and can be accessed online at any time through your login account
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