Nebraska State Requirements

NebraskaNebraska professional engineers are required to earn 30 PDH biennially. courses are accepted by the State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects for a maximum 0f 25% of the 30 hours. The following table shows a quick rundown of license renewal requirements.

Hours Required30 hours biennially
Renewal DatesJanuary 1 of even-numbered years for licensees whose last name begins with one of the letters A through K

January 1 of odd-numbered years for licensees whose last name begins with one of the letters L through Z

Course ApprovalThe Board does not require pre-approval for providers or specific courses. Each engineer must determine whether an activity meets the Board’s requirements
A maximum of 25% of the 30 hours can be obtained by web-based providers, unless provider is IACEP approved ( is not an IACEP approved provider due to the excess cost to maintain this certification, Nebraska is the ONLY state which requires this certification to obtain all 30 hours
Course ContentThe Nebraska Board’s requirements are unique in that the Board does not specify the types of continuing education activities that are acceptable. Instead, the Nebraska Board relies on Continuing Education Rules mandated by other state licensing boards. The Nebraska Board segments continuing education requirements into two different categories

For engineers involved in a mandatory continuing education program in another state, the Nebraska Board only requires that the engineer meet the requirements of the other state board. The Nebraska Board does not specify any additional requirements. Title 110 of the Nebraska Administrative Code states, “The continuing education requirements for Nebraska will be satisfied when a licensee is certified to be licensed in, and as having met the mandatory continuing education requirements of an NCARB* or NCEES** jurisdiction for the period of time in question”

For engineers NOT involved in a mandatory continuing education program in another state, the Nebraska Board requires 30 actual hours of engineering learning. The Nebraska Board does not specify the types of activities that are acceptable, only that “one actual hour of learning means at least fifty (50) minutes spent in verifiable educational pursuit.” The Nebraska Board requires every professional engineer to obtain an Engineering Continuing Education (ECE), which is defined as “the biennial continuing education requirements for professional engineers in any NCEES** jurisdiction.” Thus, in the absence of details regarding what constitutes “verifiable educational pursuit,” Nebraska engineers should follow the requirements of another state that mandates continuing education for engineers

EZpdh’s courses and seminars meet the engineering continuing education requirements of ALL state licensing boards

Online CoursesAccepted up to 25% of the 30 hours, unless IACEP approved.
PDH CarryoverA maximum of 15 PDH may be carried forward into the next renewal period
  1. PDH completion records must be maintained for a minimum of 3 years. EZpdh helps you meet this requirement by providing you with the ability to instantly access and print a certificate upon successful completion of a course. Additionally, your certificates of completion are securely maintained by EZpdh for a minimum of seven years and can be accessed online at any time through your login account
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