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Professional Development Hours (PDH) Requirements

Continuing education for licensed Professional Engineers in New York

New York Professional Engineers are required to earn 36 PDH triennially.

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Hours Required36 hours triennially
Renewal DatesBased on the licensee’s date of birth
Course ApprovalNew York pre-approves providers/sponsors of continuing education courses and educational activities, but not specific courses or activities. A course or educational activity must be presented by a board-approved provider/sponsor in order for the activity to be accepted. Each approved course provider is issued a Continuing Education Provider (CEP) number.

EZpdh is a NY Approved Sponsor: #166

Course ContentNot all courses and educational activities offered by an approved sponsor are acceptable for continuing education credit in New York State. Courses and educational activities must contribute to the professional practice of professional engineering. The subject matter of the course or educational activity must be related to professional practice and contribute to the development or maintenance of professional knowledge.
Acceptable subjects may include: aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, architectural engineering, bioengineering, ceramic engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, construction engineering, control systems engineering, electrical/computer engineering, environmental engineering, fire protection engineering, geological engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, materials/metallurgical engineering, mining/mineral engineering, naval architecture/marine engineering, nuclear/radiological engineering, ocean engineering, petroleum engineering, structural engineering, systems engineering, architecture, land surveying; or other matters of law and/or ethics which contribute to the professional practice in engineering and the health, safety, and/or welfare of the public; and other topics which contribute to the professional practice of engineering.Non-acceptable subjects: subject areas that are not related to professional practice and the development or maintenance of professional knowledge, such as project management related to improving/maximizing profitability and professional fees; marketing and public relations; expanding a design professional’s business; laws related to arbitration, mediation, liens and limiting the design professional’s liability (unless they are related to safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of the public); real estate licensing; basic Auto CAD; personal, estate or financial planning; zoning as it relates to increasing a developer or engineer/land surveyor’s profitability; design build and/or alternative delivery methods (unless it includes information on the laws related to design build and its limitations in New York State
Online CoursesOnline courses, telecourses, and other distance learning tools are specifically listed as approved activities. The category of the training is dependent on whether the activity incorporates instructor-led training:
PDH CarryoverHours cannot be carried forward into the next renewal period
    1. An educational activity must have a testing instrument, which is completed by the licensee and returned to the sponsor for scoring. A passing grade is required before a sponsor may award continuing education credit. PDHengineer online courses meet this requirement by requiring successful completion of an online quiz prior to allowing PDH credits.
    2. Continuing education providers must furnish each participant with an individual certificate of attendance. Attendance records must be maintained by continuing education providers and by the licensee for a minimum of 6 years. meets this requirement by providing you with the ability to instantly access and print a certificate upon successful completion of a course. Additionally, your certificates of completion are securely maintained by for a minimum of seven years and can be accessed online at any time through your login account
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