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    Iowa-Civil Engineering Package: 30 PDH

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    Fifteen live interactive webinars and two self administered distance learning courses guaranteed to be accepted by the Iowa Engineering and Land Surveying Examining BoardInstructor: Raymond Bosek, PE
    Package includes the following 15 live interactive courses:
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    Webinar: Design for Construction Safety: 1 PDH

    This course will provide engineers with information on how to recognize and anticipate construction hazards and how to eliminate them with well thought out design features. This course emphasizes permanent design features that eliminate or reduce the risk to hazards.Read More

    Webinar: Ethics for the Practicing Engineer: 1 PDH

    In this introductory ethics course the engineer will understand why we study ethics as engineering professionals, ethical theories to use in our ethical decision making, and some tools to identify and resolve ethical conflicts.Read More

    Webinar: Administering the Construction Project: 2.5 PDH

    In this course we will review the management and administrative procedures that practitioners will need to guide construction projects from the pre-construction phase to project close out successfully. The course will benefit professional engineers serving as project managers or field representatives by presenting techniques that can be applied to the construction project to enhance operations, improve scheduling, mitigate issues, and help minimize and resolve claims or disputes.Read More

    Webinar: Infrastructure Planning: 2 PDH

    This course presents the main concepts of infrastructure planning in the public sector including the environmental, social, and institutional assessments and discusses many planning methodologies and approaches. The purpose of this course is to provide practitioners involved in planning public infrastructure projects with guidelines to be considered and applied in the planning process.Read More

    Webinar: Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms: 1 PDH

    This course presents engineers with important information about the design and construction of community and residential safe rooms that will provide protection during tornado and hurricane events. The course will center around design guides FEMA P-320, P-361, and ICC 500.Read More

    Webinar: Bases and Subbases for Concrete Pavements: 1 PDH

    In this course the student will understand the best practices for the design and construction of bases and subbases for concrete pavements as well as the effects on performance.Read More

    Webinar: Internal Curing for Concrete Pavements: 1 PDH

    In this course the student will understand the concepts and benefits of internal curing for concrete pavements including mixture design, quality control, and studies of practical applications over the past two decades.Read More

    Webinar: Roller Compact Concrete Pavements: 1 PDH

    This introductory course provides the engineer the basic understanding of the fundamentals of RCCP in design and construction. It presents an overview of the best practices for roller-compacted concrete pavement, its uses, its mixtures and construction.Read More

    Webinar: Fasteners: 1.5 PDH

    This course presents an in-depth look at steel fasteners with focus on structural fasteners, since they are a critical part of most steel structures. A broad range of topics will be discussed including fastener strength, selection criteria, available coatings and testing. This course will go beyond the standards and specifications and provide engineers with helpful background information and practical strategies to mitigate fastener issues and keep projects trouble free.Read More

    Webinar: Engineer's Guide to Green Building: 1 PDH

    In this course the student will examine numerous materials and methods to incorporate into a commercial & residential build to make it a green build. This includes understanding of the attributes of green building methods and products and the design and developing considerations for all building & home systems.Read More

    Webinar: Engineer's Guide to Green Building-Part 2: 2 PDH

    In this course the student will examine numerous materials and methods to incorporate into a commercial & residential build to make it a green build. This includes understanding of an in-depth examination of all green materials and methods for building green, and a comprehensive green building checklist to review before, during, and after any green build.Read More

    Webinar: Engineering Economic Analysis: 2 PDH

    This Course presents an overview of engineering economy analysis concepts. This course reviews the concepts of engineering economic analysis, including the time value of money, common analysis factors, discrete compounding and continuous compounding, taxes and depreciation, as well reviewing and applying various analysis methods. Numerous applications and problems will be set-up, solved and discussed.Read More

    Webinar: Introduction to Mechanical Components: 1.5 PDH

    Along with pumps and valves, reviewed in separate PDH courses, there are many other components that can be found in an industrial/power generation setting. Knowledge of these systems can be useful to any engineer. This online course provides a brief overview of air compressors, hydraulics, boilers, cooling towers, and other components likely to be installed in an industrial facility.Read More

    Webinar: Accessibility: 2010 ADA Guidelines – Accessible Routes: 1.5 PDH

    This course will focus on the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (the 2010 ADA Accessibility Design Guidelines): it will deep dive into chapter 4: Accessible Routes of the ADA guidelines covering in detail all regulations and requirements.Read More

    Webinar: OSHA Noise Hazards: 0.5 PDH

    This Course presents an overview of the hazards of workplace noise, especially evident in the construction industry; and steps to identity, mitigate, and control this hazard.Read More

    Package includes the following two self-administered distance education courses:

    Foundation in Expansive Soil:  6 PDH

    This course presents guidance and information for the geotechnical investigation necessary for the selection and design of foundations for heavy and light buildings constructed in expansive clay soil areas. Read MorePreview Course

    Iowa – Ethics including IA Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers: 4 PDH

    This course satisfies the Iowa continuing education requirement of two (2) professional development hours in engineering ethics, (ref. I.A.C. 193C—7.5(1))
    In this course the student will study two ethics courses including the Iowa Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board Laws and Rules. A total of thirty (30) questions will test his or her understanding of the subject.Read MorePreview Course

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State Approvals

All of our online courses comply with the Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines published by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACEP), therefore, shall be acceptable to all the state boards requiring mandatory continuing education. approved provider map of USA for professional engineersKey
Approved Providers Mandatory

This column lists states which require continuing education (CE) be completed with a state approved provider. We are approved in all of the seven states requiring pre-approval. “Click to Verify” button will transfer you to the State Board website listing approved providers. We are listed under Ezekiel Enterprises, LLC or with POC: Raymond Bosek

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Not Mandatory

This column lists states which DO NOT require continuing education (CE) to be completed with a state approved provider. States transfer responsibility to engineer to determine if the CE is acceptable and the state reserves the right to disallow hours if they determined hours are unacceptable. We recommend to complete CE with only state pre-approved providers

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Read More about State ApprovalsAre you a Land Surveyor? – Click Here for State Approvals

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