Engineering Economic Analysis: 2 PDH (On-Demand Webinar)


This course presents an overview of engineering economy analysis concepts. This course reviews the concepts of engineering economic analysis, including the time value of money, common analysis factors, discrete compounding and continuous compounding, taxes and depreciation, as well reviewing and applying various analysis methods. Numerous applications and problems will be set-up, solved and discussed.
Instructor: Raymond Bosek, PE


This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

      • Discuss the time value of money as it relates to engineering economics
      • Describe interest rates and it effects
      • Discuss the various analysis tools utilized to solve economic problems
      • Understand discrete compounding factors and how to use them
      • Understand continuous compounding factors and how to use them
      • Describe the evaluation methods for selection of alternatives
      • Discuss taxes and depreciation


You will be able to immediately print a certificate of completion after passing a five (5) question multiple-choice quiz. The quiz can be retaken unlimited times until a passing grade of 70% or better is earned. Records also are available anytime online by accessing your account on This course satisfies 2 professional development hours (PDH) of continuing education.

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Time & Date

October 27 12:00 pm to 12:50pm

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