Pennsylvania-Land Surveyors Package: 24 PDH


Six Land Surveying courses courses that will earn 24 PDH guaranteed to be accepted by the Pennsylvania State Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists.Instructor: Raymond Bosek, PE

Land Surveyor’s Ethics: 2 PDH

In this ethics course the student will understand the standards of professional behavior for adherence to the highest ethical conduct and revisit the emphasis that the holder of a professional license has a direct and vital impact on the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

Public Land Survey Rectangular System: 8 PDH

In this course the student will review the rectangular surveying system which has been used continuously in the United States since 1785. As all facets of this system occasionally come into use, the student will become well versed in the field procedures of conducting an original survey covering both historical and current methods.

Aerial Photogrammetry: 5 PDH

In this course the student will understand procedural guidance, technical specifications, and quality control (QC) criteria for performing aerial photogrammetric mapping activities.

Introduction to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for Land Surveyors: 4 PDH

This course is an introduction of using sUAS in land surveying. From FAA licensing requirements to common sUAS products and software, with an understanding of these basics a land surveyor can easily get started in using this up and coming technology.

Airborne Topographic LiDAR: 3 PDH

In this course the student will review the principles of Airborne Topographic LiDAR and learn how to utilize methods to employ this technology in the field.

Corner Restoration Fundamentals: 2 PDH

In this course the student will understand the understand federal guidelines of resurveying corner monuments and the procedures and laws to successfully reestablish these boundaries.

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