Public Land Survey: Rectangular System: 8 PDH


In this course the student will review the rectangular surveying system which has been used continuously in the United States since 1785. As all facets of this system occasionally come into use, the student will become well versed in the field procedures of conducting an original survey covering both historical and current methods.Instructor: Raymond Bosek, PE


This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Explain the general scheme of the rectangular system: points, meridian, base lines, parallels, etc.
  • Understand township boundaries
  • Discuss subdivision of townships
  • Discuss extension and completion surveys
  • Explain methods of section subdivision
  • Discuss protraction diagrams and developing amended diagrams
  • Explain methods of surveying amended protraction diagrams
  • Discuss meandering & swamp/overflowed lands
  • Discuss limits of closure for original survey & soil classification
  • Understand legal settings of Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM)


You will be able to immediately print a certificate of completion after passing a 25 question multiple-choice quiz. The quiz can be retaken unlimited times until a passing grade of 70% or better is earned. This course satisfies eight professional development hours (PDH) of continuing education.

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