Site Work Basics: 4 PDH


In this course the student will understand the concepts of construction site preparations. This course will offer an essential overview of site surveys, earthwork operations, common equipment and uses, as well as permitting. Instructor: Raymond Bosek, PE


This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Explain types of site surveys and their components, including construction surveys, bench marks, datum, and mean sea level
  • Explain types of earthwork operations, including pioneering, grubbing, stripping, and drainage
  • Describe types of leveling instruments and their uses
  • Interpret readings from a leveling rod
  • Determine elevations in the field to locate points at specified elevations
  • Determine boundaries of building layout
  • Determine classes of soils through soils testing
  • Determine soil stabilization strategies


You will be able to immediately print a certificate of completion after passing a 20 question multiple-choice quiz. The quiz can be retaken unlimited times until a passing grade of 70% or better is earned. This course satisfies four professional development hours (PDH) of continuing education.

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